My PiYo Workouts Review

Piyo Workout Reviews

Hi everyone! My name is Tara and today I thought I would share my PiYo review. I’ve seen a lot of reviews out there, but most of them seem to be made by people designed to sell the product.

I just wanted to know the real, honest truth about it.

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re thinking about buying the workout plan. If so, please read my review first, because what I have to say might end up saving you a lot of money.

The PiYo Workout Program is pretty popular – I see it shared all the time on Instagram and Facebook. There’s also quite a few people who talk about it on YouTube, which is how I first heard about it.

Unfortunately, I was hasty. I had just had an awful breakup with my husband, who it turned out was cheating on me with a younger, thinner model. The emotional trauma from the split left me binge eating and moping around, feeling sorry for myself. By the time I snapped out of it and wanted to take control of my life, I had gained 20 pounds!

I was eager to find a workout that could work for me, a busy woman in her 30s. I jumped into the PiYo program, expecting it to be the holy grail of all workouts.

If only I had done more research and looked for honest reviews on PiYo, I would have been able to save my money, as well as my time. Because to be honest, the workouts did not impress me in the least bit.

In fact, after my purchase, I ended up giving up on the program after just the first week!

To begin with, the PiYo Workout seems to have been created for more advanced people. The basic version costs $59.85, and the “deluxe” version costs $119.70. That’s flat out pricey. Then, don’t get me started on actually getting a gym membership, or purchasing the workout equipment required to follow the guide to a T (which is my preferred method).

PiYo is really hard to follow and just overall boring 😦.

If you have a family or someone to take care of, forget about it. You won’t have any time to spend with them. I have a son of about five years old, so when I have custody, I’m cooking for two. I’m caring for two. I need flexibility, and a diet plan would also be extremely helpful.

But that’s something that PiYo just doesn’t provide.

If you value your time, you’ll likely be disappointed as I was.

PiYo Workouts

images (4)

I don’t want to sound like a total B-word. The workouts aren’t bad, they just aren’t worth the price you pay in my honest opinion. I was disappointed, because this was a pricey workout guide to pay for, especially when you’re on a budget, like me. I was set up to believe this was something greater than it was, so excuse me if I’m a little bit miffed.

The best thing about PiYo is that it also comes with a workout calendar. I stuck with it for almost a full week, but it was really hard for me to stick with after that. I just felt no motivation to stay on it.

In my opinion and this is my PiYo review after all, for the price, this program is one big disappointment.

I know this all sounds a little harsh, but I would have LOVED to have stumbled upon a post like this one when I was in the purchasing mood, myself. I want to help anyone who is looking into buying the PiYo workouts.

I’m sure Beachbody put a good amount of effort into their program, and I’m sure some people out there see results they are happy with, but it was not for me.

Piyo Workout & Schedule Alternative.

While I was waiting for my refund to be processed (yes, I do that! I want to get value for my money!) I started looking into other programs that I could replace PiYo with. I still wanted to get my body back to where it was; to reclaim my old life.

Luckily, on one of the forums that I was browsing, I found other people who also had negative reviews of the PiYo workout. One of the members also had the kindness to suggest the program they had replaced PiYo with, saying that they saw much better results with it.

PiYo had really disappointed me, but the fact that this person had a similar experience made me much more willing to trust them and check out the program they were suggesting. And that was how I found the workout guide I use today – The Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.


Jen Ferruggia is a famous fitness and health coach who loves helping others. She’s also a fitness model and she definitely has the body for it.

I started looking into her, since I refused to make the same mistake twice. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people had positive things to say about Jen and her workout program. So I decided to try it out myself.

What are the Bikini Body Workouts?

jen-ferruggiaThe Bikini Body Workouts Guide is a complete program with step by step DVD instructions, a pdf workout guide, shopping list and an easy to follow meal plan.

Best of all, it’s only $29.95.

I was pretty floored to discover all this – since it was a complete program, no nonsense, for an actually sensible price.

I pulled the trigger and purchased it.

And the positives just kept on coming.

First of all, the program was a digital download, so I got access to everything immediately, as well as access to a special “members only” area on their sites, which is where you watch the videos, stay up to date with new workouts, and get any bonus material.

There was real flexibility in the diet, but the suggested foods were good. The workouts were designed by women, for women, and I actually had fun while I would do them. They targeted the whole body (for toning), but focused specifically on MY trouble areas! Tummy, thighs, calves, butt, and arms fat.

In particular, there’s a bonus workout plan called the “21 day booty blast” that has my rear looking better than it has in ages.

So far, I’ve been following this program for 8 weeks and I’ve lost 24 lbs! For me – this was a massive achievement, and one that I’m proud of.

Best of all, I don’t feel like I’m in danger of snapping back or binging. I’m enjoying my life.

My Results So Far – 8 Weeks (UPDATED)

Hey Everyone 🙂 I thought I would come back and post my results.

PiYo results

After following the Bikini Body Workouts for 8 weeks I’ve seen some huge changes. I have more energy, dropped 24 lbs of fat and toned up.

But the best thing I’ve noticed is my confidence and sense of well-being is back. I used to be so unhealthy, but now I feel healthy and energised all the time. I wake up and I’m ready to conquer the world – no coffee required.

Even my skin and mental health have improved! My skin glows, and I no longer get mental fog later in the day. I owe it all to Jen Ferruggia and her Bikini Body Workouts.

You just have to check out all the before and after photos on Jen’s website to see how well her program works. They are very inspirational as well!

Get the workouts here –


Sorry! I know this PiYo review wasn’t really what you expected. But I had to go into the truth of the program, and from there, I knew I had to share the workout I had swapped to if I really wanted to help people out there.

I know both workouts can work though. I just shared my own experience. Regardless of the program you go with, I wish you luck in your weight loss journey!

Good luck! If you have any questions about the PiYo workout or the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout, please leave a message below and I’ll get back to you.

Until my next update. 🙂


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